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When it comes to race, ethnicity, origin and the way people identify themselves there is always controversy. Now more than ever, there is a greater need for black people across the diaspora to unify during these revolutionary times. It is important that we recognize that whether you are African, African-American, Afrolatinidad, that we’re all in a shared struggle for equal rights.

During the transatlantic slave trade, many African slaves were taken to Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America and the Caribbean. As a result of this complicated history of racial identity, many Latin Americans and Caribbeans descendants have African roots. However, because Black and Latin cultures are assumed to be mutually exclusive, people of both backgrounds often find themselves forced to choose a side and thus denied a voice and the opportunity to self-represent.

The term Afro-Latino, Afro-Latina, or Afro-Latinx, a more recent adaptation of the phrase Latino for anyone who chooses to remove gender binaries from their identity, has been adopted by many Latinos and Latinas who look to claim their African descent without having to give up any part of their cultural identity. 

This Virtual Discussion aims to help others understand afrolatinos are Black, and the importance of unifying the African diaspora as we fight for All Black Lives. In addition, we will share some Afrolatinidad education material and equal rights resources for educating yourself further and options for you to help assist those in the U.S. and other countries fighting for equal rights

October 21st, 2020




Arlene Pitterson

Arlene Pitterson is an award-winning marketer and diversity expert who specializes in creating memorable event activations for clients and consumers. Arlene has worked with Fortune 100 companies creating and managing national events with clients such as Netflix, Goodreads, Unilever and Proctor & Gamble. Her experience in music, fashion, alcohol, beer, automotive, and education has given Arlene a unique voice. She also lends her voice to advocating for afrolatinx representation worldwide. As the director of strategic partnerships and education she connects brands to Cannaclusive’s mission of educating, advocating, and promoting the business of cannabis. Arlene is an adjunct instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, instructing students in integrated marketing and event planning.

Nadir Pearson

Nadir Pearson is a Digital Strategist specializing in the cannabis industry. Originally from New Jersey, Nadir's Afrolatinidad is rooted in Taino / Boricua culture with both of his parents being born in Puerto Rico. He currently is working to increase the participation and education of Black and Brown peoples in the cannabis space.

Claudio Cabrera

Claudio E. Cabrera is an award-winning journalist and audience development expert for the New York Times. He's also Dominican and Afro-Latino and has dedicated writing about his experiences over the last decade with discovering his Afro-Latinidad, accepting it and reaching the stage of self-love.

Nicki Batista

Vocalist. Lover of people. Doer of social justice. Black. AF

Viv Moran

Viv Moran is an Afro-Indigenous Peruvian multimedia Artist from Queens, NY. Pronouns are Their & Them. Viv is known for their vibrant color palettes and swatches. Their artistry includes acrylic on canvas, collage, mixed media, graphic design, and custom clothing designs. Many of their works are inspired by iconic artists such as Frida Kahlo, Basquiat, Tupac Shakur, and the Wu Tang Clan just to name a few. Viv uniquely fuses hip hop culture all the while confronting themes like gender, social inequalities, and mental health. Most recently Viv has embarked on a new career in podcasting, their podcast Oye Mi Gente! tackles more in depth lgbtqia, immigration, mental health and other political issues. You can find Viv’s work on their personal IG account: @blackflowersgrow For more information on their podcast “Oye Mi Gente!”, you can follow the IG account: @oyemigentepodcast, which is also available on all streaming networks.


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