Rebel Minded TV is a free online video on demand platform powered by Rebel Minded Media, with the mission of bringing independent media to a worldwide audience while helping content creators earn exposure and revenue for their work. Dedicated to documenting the stories of individuals as well as the experience and culture that make up our community. RMTV showcases work that represents the diverse voices of the independent creative scene. Its library consists of original content as well as licensed programming from content creators. 

If you're a content creator who would like to have your work available on RMTV, Here how to get your content on Rebel Minded TV?
  1. Complete an RMTV submission form to submit your content to be streamed on RMTV. We will watch the content and review your form *you must complete a form to be considered*

  2. Once accepted, you will receive an RMTV Content guide and RMTV non-exclusive licensing Agreement to sign. 

  3. Once the signed license agreement is received, We will create a page on RMTV with your content and promotional materials.


39 mins or less



40mins or longer



30sec - 1 min



Episodic videos


If you have paid to submit to ARMF film, whether or not your content was selected then your fee will be waived for your first content submitted to RMTV


License Agreement Overview

  • You must have the rights to use all copyrighted material in your film including music 

  • You give RMM permission to stream your content on a non-exclusive basis as an ad-supported video on RMTV for an agreed period of time 

  • Upon expiration of the Initial Term, the Agreement will automatically renew on a month to month basis, unless either party provides notice to terminate this Agreement or request renegotiated after the Initial Term ends.

What type of content is curated for Rebel Minded TV?

RMTV welcomes submissions in all genres and visual forms. So long as they are not obscene or offensive. We curate independent shorts, features, animation, documentary, experimental, reality or unscripted videos, interviews, talk shows, commercials, lifestyle and cooking videos, performance videos such as comedy, music, drama, and video series

How much is it to submit? 

There is a one-time fee (see below) + $10 annual maintenance fee for content creators who stream their content on RMTV after the Initial Term.  All proceeds go towards supporting Rebel Minded Media’s mission to provide an independent media platform for content creators via Rebel Minded TV and A Rebel Minded Festival.

Adverting on Rebel Minded TV

To find out about the advertising opportunities on our network and web properties, please email us at and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Where to Watch RMTV

Visit and select the content you would like to watch online

How can I Join the Rebel Minded Media team

If you're interested in being apart of the Rebel Minded Media Platoon. Please fill out this form so we can get to know you and find the best fit for you.

If you have a question or comment about Rebel Minded TV, and/or our programming, please email us at

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